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10 Rounds

No Experience is necessary!

What is 10 Rounds? It’s a circuit class where it’s just you, a pair of gloves and the bag in front of you. Well, sort of. Every round is different, and may include Thai bag work, tear drop shaped bag work, upper cut bag work, jumping rope, ab workout, push-ups and more. The timer bell may be set to either a 2 min round or a 3-minute round and the rest Rounds in between can be either 30 seconds or 1 minute. The colored lights atop the bell let you know what part of the round you’re in; green is go, yellow means there are 30 seconds left in the round and red means rest. Then the green light comes on again and you rotate to the next station. After 10 Rounds, you do the champ dance and get to ring a real boxing bell!

When can I come in for 10 Rounds? Anytime between 1-4 pm, Monday thru Friday. Since the class is a solo workout, the class starts when you arrive!

Guaranteed to be a great workout no matter where your fitness level is at. No experience? No problem. We’ll be there to help you out, teach you the basics and walk you through your first couple of workouts. So, come on in today and start your 7-day free trial!  Call 301-498-4555, or email us at



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