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Co-ed Jiu-jitsu (16 and up)


Brazilian jiu-jitsu took the martial arts world by storm, proving to be one of the most effective forms of self-defense in today’s modern world. Today it is the fastest growing sport in the world!

Men, women and children alike find the sport interesting for many different reasons. While you do not have to be in great shape in order for you to start, this class will certainly get you into shape. Gracie Jiu-jitsu techniques rely on leverage, not size or strength, so that even smaller practitioners find the techniques to be effective. Against a much larger and stronger attacker, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is proven to be an effective form of self defense.

We hold three different types of jiu-jitsu classes throughout the week. A gi is required to take these classes. You do not need a gi to come in for a free trial. New students are encouraged to take tier 1 and 1.5 classes before moving on to tier 2 classes:

  • Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Tier 1: In this foundation class, students learn the basics of our curriculum. Tier 1 classes are one hour in length and emphasize technique and form. The curriculum varies depending on a student’s belt level. For this reason, this class is beneficial to all students, regardless of experience level. Class begins with a traditional warm-up before the lesson and usually ends with some situational/positional sparring.
  • Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Tier 1.5: This class is just like tier 1 only its a little longer. This class lasts for 1.5 hours.
  • Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Tier 2: In this one and a half hour class, students learn to build on the basics that they focus on in Tier 1. The lessons taught in this class are generally not taught in the Tier 1 class and can range from positional control to leg locks. The class begins with a more extended warm-up before the lesson and ends with a longer sparring session. This class is a more intense cardio workout than the Tier 1 class. A gi is required.

Whether you are interested in learning self defense, building confidence, empowering yourself, or competing, LeverageJJ has something to offer all students. Gracie Jiu-jitsu techniques adapt well to all body types, regardless of size or shape. Gracie Jiu Jitsu can also be a fun activity to bring the entire family together on a regular basis through exercise and learning realistic self-defense. While we certainly hope that you never have to use the techniques you will be taught, you will have great confidence in knowing that if something unfortunate ever did happen to you, you would be prepared with the best self-defense techniques that the martial arts world has to offer. The self-confidence and fitness that come from training at LeverageJJ make it a worthwhile investment of time and energy. Above all, it is a lot of fun! Check our schedule for a class time that is most convenient for you. Contact us today and take a free trial! 443-864-8505 or email us at

Kron Gracie submitting opponent
Rickson’s son, Kron, in competition

What Our Students Say

I have known Scott since 2005 when I began training at Columbia BJJ. I was referred to him by one of his other students. Scott has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to modest demeanor and professionalism he is also very personable. Not only have I learned a lot about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under his tutelage, but I have also learned a lot about myself and gained a faithful friend in the process.
– Jason M.

I have been training with Scott for over eight years, the instruction is great and the training environment is inviting. i have complete confidence in myself that i could take on anyone off the street that tried to attack me.
– Dave T.

Training with Scott and the other students at LeverageJJ is extremely rewarding. It has helped me stay in shape and develop a stronger self confidence that has affected other parts of my life.
– Zach W.

I believe BJJ has really had a positive impact on me for more than one reason. I have always wanted to be involved in some form of martial arts. There may be many types of self-defense classes out there, but I have enjoyed learning how to defend myself without straining/hurting my body the same way I would have if I were involved in something else. The best part about this class is that I’m learning on my own pace. I don’t feel pressured/rushed while in class and I’m glad we get to review a lot of the stuff we do.
– Talita C.

It’s a lot of fun. I get to test my limits in every class and for that I’m in better shape and character.
– Phil C.

Learning jiu-jitsu with Mr. Naugle has been and continues to be a fun experience that has kept me in great shape. It has also given me a certain confidence that I didn’t really know I was missing. On top of all of that there’s a great group of people (instructors and students), led by Mr. Naugle, that work together to make sure everyone is able to succeed, whatever their goals.
– Todd G.

I am a navy officer on active duty and have been taking BJJ classes with Scott Naugle since 2005. I can honestly say that Scott demonstrates an uncommon dedication this Jiu-jitsu classes. He does not delegate his teaching responsibilities to other students, which I appreciate. He conducts classes as scheduled regardless of weather, etc. He is punctual for class and is always looking for ways to improve every aspect of his training and his school. Scott is also an outstanding teacher who understands the finer details of every move and can relay those details to the students better than anyone. It has been said that Jiu-jitsu is an honest art and Scott proves it at every class. He does not teach from the sidelines. He throws his reputation on the line every class by grappling with any student, current or walk-in, at any speed they may choose to wear themselves out at. In fact, he possesses a unique ability to adapt to the entire spectrum of student skill levels when grappling so that each student feels challenged, but not defeated. He is very humble, responsible, exercises mature judgment and stresses safety by pointing out risks of injury with each technique that he teaches. I feel that I have learned more Jiu-jitsu skills from Scott than I could have learned anywhere else and I’m glad that I took the chance and signed up for a few classes to get started. I can that Scott has always been fair in all of my dealings with him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning real Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.
– Respectfully, Lieutenant (Blank); US Navy S.E.A.L. and officer


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