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Private Lessons

We are available for corporate lunch workouts, private lessons, and seminars. Our schedule books up quickly so book yours in advance!

Private lessons are $150 per hour, cash only please.

In addition to BJJ privates, we also offers private lessons and semi-private lessons in the following arts:

  • Basic Self-Defense
  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • No-gi grappling/submission wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Kick Boxing
  • Judo
  • Escrima (filipino stick and knife)
  • Trapping (Wing Chun Kung-Fu, and Non-Classical Gung-Fu and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do)
  • Various weapons for self-defense (including knife, stick and gun defense)
  • Meditation
  • Flexibility
  • Ninjitsu

Why should you consider taking at least one private lesson?

    1. Learn the details that you may have missed in class, such as Rickson’s “invisible Jiu-jitsu.”
    2. Improve your game in a shorter amount of time.
    3. Learn to do the techniques correctly the first time.
    4. Work on your weaknesses or ask for advice on what you may need to improve on. Each private lesson is customized to the needs of the student.
    5. Polish your speed, timing, and execution on the techniques that you already know.
    6. Learn how to defend against different submissions.
    7. Learn the Combo Attack, the Double Attack, and other sneaky set-ups.
    8. Learn how to put together a game plan/strategy for competition.

By taking private lessons, you can give yourself an edge over other students in class.

  • Make sure that you are learning the techniques correctly the first time so that you do not have to unlearn and relearn them later on.
  • If you are new to the class, perhaps you want to jump start your training. Give yourself an edge with private lessons in addition to taking the group classes.
  • If you are a seasoned student, polish your game by taking private lessons. Learn set-ups, double attacks, combo attacks, and more!
  • A private lesson is catered to the individual to meet his or her personal needs. We can point out your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced students alike benefit from taking private lessons. Those who take private lessons as well as the group classes see the best results.

  • Get ready for an upcoming competition by taking a few private lessons.
  • Are you getting close to belt testing? You should take a private lesson or two to better prepare you for the test and increase your chances of passing the first time around. It is never too early to do this. In fact, the earlier, the better, as you will have more time to clean up your game for the test. Some students have taken privates solely on belt testing material when they only have one stripe on their belt. Private lessons are not a requirement for belt testing, but they are encouraged as the belt tests are complicated and there are many details that you must know in order to be ready to pass the test.


FAQ’s about private lessons

  1. How often should I take a private lesson?
    That is entirely up to the student. Some students take as many as one or two a week on a regular basis. Others take as few as just a single private lesson. Most students take privates regularly – with what frequency depends on the student. Various factors come into play, such as what a student can afford as well as how fast he or she learns. It also depends on how fast a student wants to improve his or her game. With private lessons, a student can shorten the learning curve and catch-up even to students with more group class experience.
  2. Where is the private lesson held?
    All private lessons are held at Mr. Naugle’s house.
  3. How do I schedule a private lesson?
    To schedule a private lesson, e-mail us at or text or call us at 443-864-8505.
  4. How/when do I pay you for my private?
    We only accept cash (up-front, before the private begins) for private lessons. No checks or other form of payment on private lessons.
  5. Do you offer semi-private lessons? Is there a discount?
    Yes, and yes. Contact us for more details at or 443-864-8505.

NOTICE: All private lessons must be scheduled in advance (2 days notice at a minimum). Please schedule well in advance as our schedule fills up quickly.
Why wait? Schedule your first private lesson TODAY!

Miscellaneous details about private lessons:

  • For more information, contact us at or call 443-864-8505.
  • Unless otherwise stated in writing, once paid for, a private lesson  must be used within 2 months (60 days) from date of purchase or it expires. There will be no refund for unused private lessons.
  • If you find that you cannot make it to your scheduled private, then it is your responsibility to call us and let us know (no e-mails). If you do not call to cancel at least 2 hours before your private lesson, then you will be charged 1/2 price for not showing and not calling to cancel. The more notice, the better. Thank you.

What our students say

“Taking private lessons has been a big help in a number of ways. It’s an opportunity to focus on the things that I realize I’ve been having trouble with, as well as for Scott to focus on problems that he’s seen in my game. In a one-on-one situation, I get to keep working and asking questions with regards to some particular move or situation until I get it, and it’s an opportunity for Scott to see exactly what I’m not understanding and address it directly. I’ve gained a lot of insights during private lessons that would have taken me much longer to get otherwise. Of course the key to making the most of the private lessons is then to bring what was learned into class and focus on executing the techniques. It’s really rewarding to see the effects of those lessons in my game when I’m in class, and it’s even better that those lessons make it even easier to understand other new techniques taught in class.”
-Todd G.

“I took privates to prepare for my belt test. It was invaluable to me to be able to do that. I’m not sure I would have passed without it. Being able to go over things I had trouble with and repeat things until they met Scott’s approval (high standard) gave me confidence that I definitely needed. We also went over scenarios and points of weakness in my overall game. Again, invaluable. Scott can tailor his game and instruction to any level of experience so that anyone who takes a private can get maximum benefit from the lesson. Anyone who hasn’t scheduled a private should do it. It will help you in the short and long term.”
– Steve R.

“Private lessons have helped me break plateaus in my training and with understanding the details that makes Gracie jiu jitsu so effective. I would recommend private classes to students of all experience levels.”
– Alex F.

“I strongly recommend taking private lessons with Scott. While I am new to BJJ, I can already see a significant improvement in my ability. Scott was quickly able to correct SEVERAL fundamental flaws in my game which I had picked up elsewhere. Being shown the correct way to do so many techniques with which I had struggled previously was amazing. Over and over, I realized that I was missing subtle yet important details. Scott is outstanding at explaining those details and why they matter. That’s not exactly news to anyone who has taken his classes but the individual attention afforded by a private lesson has been a huge benefit to me.”
– Mark E.


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