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1. Do I need to train in some other martial art before taking Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? 
No. The only martial art that can prepare you for learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Classes are structured with the beginner in mind. We have advanced classes as well, but most of the people who come in for the first time have no experience. The beginning student starts with the basics. Just as when building a house, first you must lay the foundation.

2. Do I need to get into shape before signing up for classes?
No. This is a very common question. However, the only way to get into shape for class is to attend class. This is because no other workout uses all the muscles of the body that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uses. If you are looking for an exercise to complement Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the closest would be swimming because of the water providing resistance in every direction, but even that is not the same. The best way to get into shape for jiu-jitsu is simply to attend class regularly. Within a couple of weeks, you will be in better shape – guaranteed. You will have more endurance, improved cardio, and more strength from training in Jiu-jitsu.

3. How do I sign up? 
The first step is to come in to take a class to see if you like it. We offer one free class for those with no Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience. After your first class, speak to us about joining. To join all you need to do is come in and pay your first month’s tuition.

4. Where can I buy a gi (jiu-jitsu uniform)?
Within your first two weeks of training, you will need to purchase your own gi online. We do not yet stock gis. Gis can be very expensive, and if you aren’t yet sure if jiu-jitsu is right for you, it is important to buy an affordable yet good quality gi. A good starter gi brand is Fuji – it is at a lower price point than many gis without sacrificing too much in quality. For women, a good starter gi brand is Fenom Kimonos. The best way to find a good gi is to ask your teammates in class.

5. If I already have a gi, can I use it?
If you have a jiu-jitsu gi, you may use it. However, you may not use a judo gi or a karate gi. Karate gis are light weight and will not hold up very long to the rigors of training jiu-jitsu. And though judo gis are thick enough for Jiu-jitsu, the tend to be heavier and less comfortable.

6. When or what time of the month/year can I sign up? 
You can join one of our classes at anytime. New students are always welcome.

7. I have been watching the UFC on TV and was wondering how realistic is training in the gi for self-defense. Wouldn’t I be better off to train without the gi if my goal is to train for the UFC or for street self-defense?
This is a common misconception in part due to the popularity of the UFC on television. People see that the fighters are not wearing a gi, and conclude that it must be better to train without a gi. However, this is incorrect. The UFC and other cage fighting events are artificial. You have a referee to stop the match before things get ugly. The fighters wear protective gear, including gloves, which would make it difficult to maintain a hold on your opponent. And while fighters do not wear a gi when competing in the UFC, on the street no one takes of his clothes before getting into a fight. In no-gi jiu-jitsu, rules prevent fighters from grabbing the clothes of their opponents. This mean that, when training no-gi, you will not learn how to effectively use your opponent’s clothing to maintain control over him or even submit him. Fighters who spend years training in the gi before switching to MMA are always more technical fighters. You simply cannot get as technically proficient if you only train no-gi.

8. If I decide to sign a contract (instead of paying month by month) what are some of the benefits? What are the drawbacks? What are my obligations?
Any student can pay either month by month or sign a contract of either six months or one year. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. If you pay month by month, the obvious advantage is that you can quit at any time with no further obligations. The disadvantage is that you have to pay a higher monthly payment because you are not under a contract.

If you choose to go with a contract, the advantage is that you pay a lower monthly payment. The longer the contract term, the lower the monthly payment. Additionally, your monthly rate is locked in until your contract ends, even if our rates go up during that time. The disadvantage of being under contract is that you have to fulfill your contract obligations by pay monthly until your contract comes to an end, even if you are unable to attend class for whatever reason. We do make some exceptions to the rule by freezing your contract, but the final decision of whether or not to freeze your contract for a period of time, is ultimately up to us, not the student. Reasons that we may or may not freeze a contract are as follows:

  • Death in the family.
  • Serious illness, disease or sickness (If we decide to freeze your contract, a doctor’s note will be required first. Again, the decision is up to us. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis).
  • Loss of job.
  • Other, at our discretion.

There is only one situation why we would ever cancel a contract early: if the student moves a distance of over 50 miles away. If you should move more than 50 miles away while under a contract, then to get out of your contract you will need to provide us with 2 proofs of change of address (such as an electric bill.). Once you do so, your contract will be cancelled and you will have no further obligation to fulfill the remainder of the contract.

9. Why can’t I access the Members Corner section of your website?
The Members Corner section of our website is for members only. To gain access to this section of the site, you must be a student. At that time you will be given access to Member’s Corner.

10. Will I get big muscles from training? I don’t want to bulk up.
We get this question most often from women who want to tone their muscles, but do not necessarily want to put on muscle mass. No, Jiu-jitsu will not bulk up your muscles, but it will make your muscles stronger and leaner.


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