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BullySafe (ages 4-8)

Note: Did you read entry in our blog about our Bully proofing your child?…
How can your child protect themselves from being bullied? If not, then click on our BLOG link above and check it out!
This class is for kids ages 4-6. At least one parent is encouraged to accompany their child onto the mat during this class. Kids of this age have a short attention span. The goal of the BullySafe class is to build your child’s love of Jiu-jitsu through games and controlled “grappling” to prepare them for Junior Jiu-jitsu when they are just a little older. At this age, we “disguise” Gracie through games. Kids love playing games.  Only these games will lay the foundation for their Jiu-jitsu journey.
Your child will learn games like “SpiderKid”, “Crazy Horse”, “Frog on a log”, “Monster Guard”, “Bully Base Battle”, “Tackle the Giant” and much more! They will also learn about the “3-T”, the “5 rules of engagement”, “the critical question” and more.
*(Please read on down the page. Towards the bottom I’m gonna give you some free advice on what to do if your child is being “cyber bullied”. )
 Bully… What does it really mean? There are many forms of bullying. It knows no boundaries; sex, age, size, shape… it doesn’t matter. It happens in the workplace everyday with adults. But what’s really disturbing is that it is happening right now with our children.
Is your child bullyproof?
  1. Has your child ever, or does your child currently get picked on at school?
  2. Has your child ever experienced any form of bullying (physical, verbal, cyber, etc.?)
  3. Does your child know what to do if/when they become a victim of being bullied? 
  4. Do you, as a parent, worry about your child’s safety at school and other places?

**(If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then I have good news for you. We have the solution to your child’s problem. We can give your child the skills they need to stand up for themselves against a bully and in general, stand up for themselves in life! We will give your child the gift of “REAL” self-confidence and self-esteem.)



The class is called BullySafe and that is what we do. We give your child the tools they need to be able to defend themselves if need be, but more importantly, the confidence, self-esteem and social skills they will need avoid being the victim in the first place. There is no other program like this anywhere. Though all martial arts schools claim to teach your child self-defense, etc., only BullySafe delivers. Why? Because only BullySafe addresses the realities of the real world.

In this class your child will learn through various medium…

  • Fun Warmups… The warm-ups are fun, and challenge your child’s gross and fine motor skills all at the same time. Plus, the warmup exercises each have a purpose. Each one will teach your child a skill set that they will need later on.
  • Role-Play… From time to time, the instructors will “role-play” out some specific bullying scenario. Through role-play, your child will watch the instructors play out a bullying situation three different ways; passively, aggressively and the assertively. The instructors address the consequences of each. The goal is to teach kids how to be assertive.
  • The Lesson… During each class your child will play one or more of the Gracie Games which teach your child the fundamental gross motor skills of Gracie Jiu-jitsu. After 20 classes, your child is eligible for their first stripe exam; a one-on-one private with head instructor, Scott Naugle. After earning 4 stripes on their white belt and then putting in another 20 classes for a total of 100, your child will be ready for their first belt test.
  • Video Learning… From time to time, we do some “video learning” where We sit and watch the Gracie brothers themselves talk about some very important lessons such as…
    1. Internet Danger
    2. Drug Defense
    3. Street Smarts
    4. House Rules
    5. Emergency Escapes
    6. School Safety
    7. And More!
  • Games… At the end of every class, we allow for about 5 minutes of “Final Game” time. Sometimes its a game. Sometimes its an obstacle course. Sometimes its tug–o-war or something else. During this time, your child will learn and develop social skills, team work skills, fine and gross motor skills AND your child will end every class on a good note which means they are always looking forward to their next class.
  • Rewards… Every class, we award the kids up to two tickets; one ticket for showing up and one ticket for participation, attention and attitude. On Leverage Game Night (more about that in a minute) these tickets go into a bowl where we raffle off prizes. The more tickets they earn from class, the better chance of winning a prize on Game Night. We have a very high sign up rate and retention rate. Kids and their parents love BullySafe! 
  • End Class… That’s it! The fun has to come to an end sometime…. but there’s always next week! For now, its time to line up and bow out!
Not only will your child learn the physical techniques to deal with a bully, but more importantly, we teach the them the skills they’ll need to avoid fighting with the bully. We don’t just “TELL” them that they should only use self-defense as a last resort, but we actually “TEACH” them the skill sets they’ll need to avoid the fight at all cost.
Bullies come in all shape and sizes. There are different types of bullying; physical, verbal, a group against one child, etc, etc, etc. Probably the worst kind of bully is the “friend/bully”. And with the internet and the Information Age, we now have cyber bullying (computer, txt msg, e-mail, etc.).Here at Leverage Jiu-jitsu, we will give your child the skills they need to neutralize all forms of bullying. After all, different types of bullying requires different strategies.
  • Improve your child’s balance, coordination, motor skills, attention span.
  • Your child will gain confidence and improve his or her self-esteem at the same time.
  • Our belt reward system will teach your child the invaluable life lesson of work and reward. This is a skill that they will need throughout their life-time.
  • Empower your child with “REAL” self-confidence. Give them the best when it comes to self-defense. Give them, “Bully ~ Safe”.


 ***What you should do if your child is ever a victim of cyber bullies…
What to do if you are bullied
  1. Do not erase messages from the cyber bully.
  2.  Don’t reply to the message if someone texts you with a derogatory comment or threat.
  3.  Realize you are not alone and you did not do anything wrong.
  4.  Tell someone you trust.
  5.  Don’t txt. with anyone you don’t actually know. Tell your parents.
  6.  If it gets too extreme, you may need to block their phone number or change your cell phone number and/or e-mail address.



This is a very unique class where the parent(s) can take the class with their child (ages 4-8). Call us today or come in to start your free trial for your child. Or you may email us at or call us at 443-864-8505 for more info. No experience is necessary.



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